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Automating Business Processes To Produce A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal You Can’t Refuse

An impact resistant glass window manufacturer based in Miami, Florida was having difficulty preparing quotes / proposals for its clients in a timely fashion.

Developing a client proposal for impact windows required the window manufacturer’s employees to be experienced and knowledgeable about the intrinsic details relating to each window’s size limitations and potential configurations. In order to be able to accurately quote an order, an employee had to resort to using manuals containing hundreds of pages of product specifications and complex mathematical equations. Some of these equations required that an employee be proficient in highly advanced mathematical calculations, this resulted in a slow, expensive, and sometimes inaccurate result. The complexity and time required to complete the manual process limited the company’s ability to grow its business. The company was only able to manually process around 15 proposals / orders per week.

Technology consultants reviewed and analyzed the client’s proposal / ordering processes. Following the analysis, the Next Technology team of software developers and designers created an automated wizard-type system that would allow any employee to accurately prepare a proposal for a client or the client to prepare the quote themself (i.e. self-service). The solution was built using Microsoft’s .net technology and secure XML Soap services and distributed to all of the windows manufacturers’ clients. The system provided, among other things, the ability to update a unique client’s pricing information, apply discounts, and enforce special rules via a synchronization server. The system also provided the capability to produce 3 different detailed reports using Crystal Reports.

By employing this approach, the clients were able to create and receive accurate quotes and to place orders online. This dramatically reduced the time required to obtain a proposal and improved the accuracy of the proposal. This resulted in improved productivity at the window manufacturer and improved customer satisfaction. As a by-product, the window manufacturer was also no longer required to tie up its most experienced and valuable resources in the quoting and ordering process. In just the first few months following the release of the proposal quoting and ordering system, the window manufacturer had more than quadrupled its business volume from an average 15 proposals / orders per week to an average of 65 proposals / orders a week.
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