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Credit Card Transaction Reporting / Billing VoIP

Complying with SEC, GAAP, & Sarbanes-Oxley

A publicly traded, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida based firm specializing in Internet Telephony (VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol), purchased and implemented an “off-the-shelf” billing software package to handle its day-to-day customer account management and billing. The software package was supposed to handle routine tasks such as customer billing, invoicing, call detail accounting and financial reporting. The software was also supposed to perform the automated billing of customer accounts on a monthly or annual basis depending on the customers’ billing contract cycle.

The “off-the-shelf” billing package purchased was unable to generate accurate credit card transaction reports and the developers of the billing package were unable to fix this and the numerous other bugs identified by the Internet Telephony firm’s accounting department. Since the Internet Telephony firm is a publicly traded company, they had considerable legal and fiscal exposure if their accounting practices did not follow SEC guidelines and GAAP, not to mention, Sarbanes-Oxley.

Next Technology Consulting, Inc. designed and implemented a robust financial transaction reporting system to generate the required credit card transaction reports. The system was designed to handle the fluctuations in design and implementation of the VoIP firm’s product and marketing mix, which at times, was modified several times per month. Fluctuations included price changes, changes in terms and conditions, changes in the product mix, etc. The system imported data from the client’s website, a MS SQL Server 2000 database, and the existing billing system. The report generated contained detailed transaction components that tied back to the corresponding General Ledger accounts. The development platform selected for the reporting system was Microsoft .Net C# (c-sharp). The database utilized was Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Reporting duties were handled by Crystal Reports which seamlessly integrated with the .NET application.

By implementing the new credit card transaction reporting system, the client was able to meet the SEC’s stringent financial reporting guidelines and was able to accurately reflect debits and credits against the General Ledger. The functionality of the system was later extended to, among other things, report inventory levels and customer acquisition figures.
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