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IVotronic Systems Setup

Custom-tailored Solutions To Meet The Needs of the Electronic Voting Industry

After the election tabulation issues of 2000, Miami Dade County, Election Systems and Software in partnership with Next Technology Consulting, needed the implementation of 7250 touch screen machines also known as IVotronic for the November Election of 2002.

With only five months left, the touch screen voting machines would need to be ready for implementation for the General Election of 2002.

Next Technology Consulting, Inc. was responsible for the implementation of the touch screen voting machines (IVotronic) in 264 precincts in Miami Dade County. Each roamer/troubleshooter was responsible for 11 precincts. Activities on Election Day included but were not limited to: Setup Opening the polling locations Printing reports Troubleshoot software problems that presented themselves throughout the day Troubleshoot the flash cards Trouble shoot the Audio ballot for persons with disability Closed the polling locations Printing results tapes Of the 24 roamers/troubleshooters that Next Technology Consulting, Inc. had on staff, five were chosen as regional specialist to collect the votes for each regional site. Regino Sanchez (partner) and Francisco Fernandez (partner) were sent to the tabulation room at Election headquarters to ensure that all votes from each regional site were received via modem using the DAM (Data Acquisition Manager.)

Although Miami Dade County had encountered a few logistical problems, Next Technology Consulting, Inc. was hired on a contractual basis through ES &S for all their election needs. Next Technology Consulting Team was the only local company with the turn around time to identify the problem, execute a plan and move on to the next issue.
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