Helping MSI Music accelerate in the digital economy and provide fullfilment with the big boys.

Providing expertise to Southern Wine and Spirits and their SFA initiatives.

Best for your industry
World class experience with Fortune 500 companies that span a variety of industries.

When failure is not an option
Next Technology Consulting is the solution!

Interested in one integrated system to manage your entire business?
Learn how we can help you with Netsuite

Our consultants have led numerous enterprise initiatives to success, and have provided Microsoft consulting expertise for our clients for over 10 years.
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Failed IT projects can have a profound impact on a company's financials.
 Only 29% of all I/T Projects are completed on-time and on-budget!

 53% are late, over- budget, or operating with reduced functionality.

 18% have failed - they are never delivered or never used.
Over the years, Next Technology Consulting, Inc. has helped numerous clients recover from impending software development failures using our proven methodology. Click on the "Learn more" link to see how our "Special Forces" team helped a client out of a tough situation.
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